Fantastic nature, tranquillity, world heritage, Documenta, world heritage, literature. You will find all this in the heart of Germany around Hohenhaus. Let yourself be inspired and stay curious!Ringgau & Werra Tal.

Ringgau & Werra Tal

Forests, meadows, orchards and timber-framed towns: The Werratal and the community of Ringgau are located in the centre of Germany – and they have almost everything to offer what we associate with home. Not far away, the excursion to the Hohe Meißner, the local mountain of Frau Holle, who is well-known to us from Grimm’s fairy tales, is definitely worthwhile. Meißner, Ringgau, Werratal – an area perfect for hiking, cycling and enjoying.

Eisenach & Wartburg

Thuringia is where nature and culture are very close together. And nowhere is the experience more intense than at Wartburg Castle, which towers above the forest not far from Eisenach. The place where Martin Luther once found refuge has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. Former residence of the Thuringian landgraves, Wartburg Castle is now one of the landmarks of the reunited nation.

Wilhelmshöhe Mountain Park

A artwork made of water, forest and stone, a stage for the brilliant splendour of a baroque garden, an eight-metre-high statue of Hercules high above the city of Kassel – all this together is the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe. At 246 hectares, it represents the largest park of this type in Europe. And since 2013 the ensemble, which transforms nature into art, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Grimmwelt Kassel

Once upon a time there were two brothers who loved words. They collected, sorted and built stories with them which were read all over the world. But a world of their own, a house like no other far and wide, was dedicated to them only by their home town. The English newspaper Guardian named the Grimmwelt Kassel one of the ten best new museums in the world.

Hainich National Park

Unspoilt and majestic – that’ s the Hainich National Park. Water-filled sinkholes, sparse pastures, gnarled roots, mighty copper beeches and rare and shy wild cats give the forest its face. Since 2011 it has been listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, covering 7,500 hectares. And therefore the largest use-free deciduous forest in Germany.

documenta Kassel

100 days, every five years. This is the rhythm in which the North Hessian metropolis is transformed into the world capital of modern art. Not everything that comes, stays. But many works can be admired in the public areas of the city. Like the Man Walking To The Sky by Jonathan Borofsky. It has been one of the city’s landmarks for a long time. 365 days a year.

Treetop trail Thuringia

530 metres long, up to 44 metres high: the full extent of the treetop trail in the Hainich National Park cannot be covered by numbers alone. The view from the stable platform over the forests of different colours is spectacular. And the unobstructed view extends as far as the Thuringian basin and the mountain ranges of the Thuringian Forest.

Kellerwald-Edersee National Park

Sometimes it’s a playground, sometimes a swimming pool, sometimes a recreational area, sometimes a hiking region: the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park. Germany’s third-largest reservoir, with almost 200 million cubic metres, and the surrounding beech forests provide a large recreational area. It is also a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

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