Gut Hohenhaus

Over 400 years of eventful histories accompany the Hohenhaus manor in the triangle between Bad Hersfeld, Kassel and Eisenach. It encompasses around 1,600 hectares of forest, meadows and fields, and around 3,000 hectares of hunting.

Protection of species

Arround of Gut Hohenhaus and Hotel Hohenhaus lives endangered brown mountain sheep. The sight of them is rare, and yet so familiar. For more than two decades, the peacefully grazing herd of brown mountain sheep has been an integral part of the estate. A landmark, threatened with extinction. The estate manager Stephan Boschen, says that the choice fell on these special animals for a reason. They should be robust and mainly used to maintain the extensive grounds. The population of brown mountain sheep is still acutely threatened. There are currently hardly more than 1000 animals. Enjoy it, because your enjoyable species protection enables us to expand the herd and preserve the breed.


In the care of the sprawling parks, forest and meadow landscapes, in the preservation of the small ponds, various biotopes and the careful handling of these gifts, but also by occasionally leaving and leaving trees, dead wood, apples and pears on the orchards and we deliberately create seeded sunflower fields, winter food, retreats and habitats for wild animals and insects that are important to all of us.