La Vallee Verte

In the intimate gourmet restaurant “La Vallée Verte – The Green Valley” with a total of 15 seats, Niemann serves a particularly aroma-intensive kitchen, in which he skilfully combines products from the region and also with products from Bretagne. This supposedly unusual connection has character, because both kitchens are honest without exception. There is no room for frills. Faulty or inferior products would be noticed immediately. For this reason, Niemann selects each supplier personally and devotes a large part of his time to getting only the best qualities. The menu from “La Vallée Verte” is divided into two menus: The “Hohenhaus edelsauer” menu and the “gourmet menu à la breton”.

The opening of La Vallée Verte in summer saison of 2018 and the carefuly change towards modernity are already being recognized, as the first awards from the major of hotel and restaurant guides make clear: The “Great Restaurant and Hotel Guide”, also the Bertelsmann Guide, named the hotel the “Hideaway of the Year 2019” with 3.5 toques chosen. In the current VARTA guide, La Vallée Verte scores with four out of five diamonds, the gourmet rated the gourmet restaurant with 3 from 5 F’s. The culinary guide GUSTO awarded 7.5 out of 10 pans and writes: “The philosophy of the cuisine is more than just marketing: indeed, the products alone are a worth to visit.