Our forest

Jetzt könnte es kurz weh tun.

„Im Wald triffst du keine anderen Menschen, die dir voll auf den Sack gehen, und bist nicht gezwungen, Plakate zu lesen, Werbung in deinen Kopf zu lassen und anschließend bei Amazon einzukaufen. Die Natur will dir nichts verkaufen. Du sollst nur sein, im Hier und Jetzt. Glücklich.“

Zitat von Charlotte Roche/Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin

This is our approximately 1600 hectare large area of forest and meadows.

Bees and wild cats, black storks, raccoons, wild boars, foxes and birds of prey feel just as much at home here as all kinds of forest herbs, mushrooms, fruit trees and berry bushes. No wonder, as this is a designated nature, bird and water conservation area, from which the guests of Hotel Hohenhaus also benefit.


The lynx returns to the Werra-Meissner region.

The lynxes in Northern Hesse have been in bad conditions in the past. The population was massively decimated by diseases such as the fox herds. “For some time now, however,” says Dr. Markus Port from the University of Göttingen, “lynxes have again been regularly spotted in this region. According to the scientist, these indications suggest that an independently reproducing population of the Eurasian lynx is in the process of being established in the Hesse-Lower Saxony border area. Probably, the founders of this population settled Northern Hesse from the Harz Mountains, where several of these big cats were released into the wild between 2000 and 2006.


We do not use any chemicals in the forest and on the meadows belonging to the estate.

Only now, in autumn 2018, we have had about 10,000 wild crocuses buried on the sunny, wind-protected Lindenhof meadow in front of the hotel. This is not only to show you an amazing colour spectacle in spring, but also to offer our 60 bee colonies pollen and nectar at an earlier stage.