Rooms & Suites in the Hideaway of the Year

Enjoy contemporary living and sleeping comfort in classically elegantly furnished rooms, junior suites & suites. Let yourself be enchanted by originals from literature and painting in rooms and corridors. These are furnished with hand-picked antiques, fine fabrics and marble bathrooms and offer unobstructed views of the Rotbuchental or the Lindenhof.

Sixteen more rooms are being built on Hohenhaus, which will be converted into modern themed suites. Original artefacts are also exhibited throughout the building, such as the works of the Austrian expressionist Oskar Kokoschka.

Rooms with style

Handmade tapestry of the renowned “Manufacture nationale des Gobelins” from the 17th century; works by renowned writers such as Max Tau, Utta Danella, Irina Korschunow, Agatha Christie, Manfred Bieler, Ulrich Wickert and Siegfried Lenz await you in the library. Lenz was an avowed Hohenhaus enthusiast – works such as “Minute of Silence”, “The Defector” and “The Night in the Hotel” were created in our Hotel. It is therefore not without reason that Hohenhaus has furnished Lenz’s favourite rooms with a complete Lenz collection.

We look forward to consult you on the right room choice.

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