Our self-image

Anyone who thinks, that the time has stood still here in the Hessian fairyland thinks wrong. Because the people behind the scenes could not act more contemporary. What is promoted in the large of cities such as Berlin, London and New York as a “farm to table concept” and carried out with quite a lot of effort is part of our self-image and supposedly simple in Hohenhaus. Because in Hohenhaus, a large Part of the products are right outside the door. Here becomes largely ecologically cooked, lived and managed. There is almost no sustainable way to be more local.

And social commitment and a great responsibility for the employees are not forgotten here either – this is shown by awards such as the special prize of the “Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine” newspaper for exemplary trainee work and social commitment during training, as well as the Social Prize 2018 of the Werra-Meissner region for special dedication to family support.


A large part of the products used by the hotel comes from the local woods in the surrounding area. Whether wild artichokes from the hotel’s own herb meadow, morels, herbs such as myrrh, wild brook cress, wild sage and wood sorrel, four kinds of home-made honey and freshly pressed apple juice or specially slaughtered chops from free-range woolly pigs.

Hotel and estate work hand in hand, producing as much as possible on their own. Peter Niemann has been here since September 2017 and can’t get out of his passion. ” While I previously had to order almost all of my products to be delivered, I go outside now with my team and simply collect the ingredients for our dishes by myself. Our breakfast eggs come from the neighbour and from our farm, also the meat from the wild and sheep. Recently we even offer crow from our own forest after a successful hunt.

But nature has more than enough to offer us in other ways too: From seasonally fresh fruit to an incredibly large repertoire of herbs, mushrooms and game – we enjoy the change of seasons and the accompanying offer of unadulterated and untreated products to the fullest.


The high level of social responsibility for our employees is not forgotten here – this is demonstrated by awards such as the special prize of the Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine Zeitung for the exemplary work of trainees and the social commitment during their training as well as the Social Prize 2018 of the Werra-Meissner-Kreis for the special commitment to family friendliness.

In addition, the kitchen team of the Hotel Hohenhaus supports their colleagues in the Netra and Röhrda day-care centres with their know-how to provide fresh and varied meals for 110 children every day.